A website installer tool resembles the script installers that most Internet hosting businesses offer. While the latter are employed to set up a program without being positive whether it's suitable to create a specific kind of site, the website installer has more options to select from so that once a particular application is set up, you'll be able to build the website you wish. Several companies provide site installers, but this sort of tools make it much easier to choose what program to employ for your site in case you don't have much experience and are not certain what the different programs out there can be used for - blogs, online stores, etc. It is critical to know that an Internet site installer isn't the same thing as an online website builder - rather, it permits you to install a ready-made website that you'll be able to start customizing based on your needs from the administrator area of the application that you have selected.

Website Installer in Semi-dedicated Hosting

The site installer that is provided with our semi-dedicated server solutions is very user-friendly and comes with more than a thousand different templates, thus if you choose to employ our hosting services, you can start your web presence in no time. The software instrument is available through the Hepsia hosting CP and all templates that you shall find there are available free of charge, therefore you won't need to spend money for web design since you can have a professional website with just several mouse clicks. The procedure is as simple as choosing a domain and a template for it, and after that setting up login credentials for the admin area. A few minutes after your new website shall be operational and depending on its nature, you can add images to a photography website, products and descriptions to an Internet store, and so on.

Website Installer in Dedicated Hosting

When you get one of our dedicated server solutions and the machine is set up with the Hepsia Internet hosting Control Panel, you'll be able to use our in-house built website installer and launch a brand new site within just minutes via a very intuitive interface. You'll be able to employ the software tool regardless of your level of experience as all it takes to set up a site through it is to choose a domain or a subdomain hosted on the server, pick a template from the 1000+ templates we provide free of charge to our clients, and then to key in the password and username which you would like to use to enter the site administration area where you could add and update the website content. The installer shall do almost everything that most website designers do, but you won't need to spend lots of cash to get a professionally-looking website.